Very important update for those looking to get a visa using a CD

Hello again, it seems like everything time we go to Azogues there is a new twist.  Because the Ministerio of Labor increased the amount of the minimum monthly income to $386.00 that also increased the amount needed to set up a CD for the basis of the Visa Inversonista.  The formulario is 70 times that new monthly rate so the minimum CD must now be $27020.00 and an additional $500.00 for each dependent.  The CD must be issued for a minimum of 2 years to cover the time of the Visa.


There is also an increase in the amount of property value if deciding to use that for your visa basis but we must verify that when we are next in Azogues.  Please keep checking.  Property is much more difficult to use as a basis for a visa so we do not have that information readily available.

New Recommendations for 2018

Recommendation for Visa Angels, visa facilitator

Visa Angels' Jodie, Gio and the rest of the team went beyond the proverbial extra mile helping my husband and me through the process of getting his temporary residential visa and my extended tourist visa. My husband’s visa was pretty straightforward. Then came my turn.

Caught in a maelstrom of expired documents, changing laws, slow processing and other complications Jodie thought we might have to fly to Miami to enter my documents through the Ecuadorian consul’s online document portal stateside. Being technologically challenged, this idea rattled me. Big time. So, instead, Jodie spent many unseen hours getting my documents into the Consul in Peru so I could apply for my extended tourist visa without the time, expense and stress of flying to Miami. Jodie persuaded the people in the Ecuadorian Consul Peru to extend my tourist visa even after they quit issuing them. 

Next, Jodie couldn’t get the Consul in Peru to accept my payment online. Instead, Gio skipped an important Sunday with his family, drove to Tumbes and paid $50 for my extended Tourist Visa application fee.  Done! Then, the next week we were finally off to Peru. Jodie and Gio waited with us for seven hours in Tumbes hoping to get the visa signed by the Ecuadorian Consul's Administrator. Driving back, late night from two exhausting days in Tumbes, we encountered dense fog.  While I white knuckled it Gio got us safely back to Cuenca.

Visa Angels’ staff are profoundly ethical. Their fees are very fair...worth every penny and more. The good people of Visa Angels went above and beyond doing whatever it took to get the job done for us to our great relief. Did I cry when that little stamp finally stuck to my passport making me legal again? Of course!  Thank you Jodie, Gio and gang. We can’t recommend you highly enough.

Katharine Bowers and Daniel Duggin

Address: Edifico Maldini, Cuenca

Contact information:

Recommended by Katharine Bowers:

Happy 2018 to one and All

Hello everyone and welcome back to our website.  We had a wonderful holiday season but we are now ready to get back to Work.  We are still getting cedulas for those temporary residents who received their visas on 10Aug17 or after.  We are working to get most of our appointments in Azogues because it is closer and we love the people there.


We are copying something from another Visa Helper as their post was easy to understand and we will give credit to them as well.  This is regarding the requirement for Health Insurance.  Many have entered into Ecuador and were not asked for Insurance proof, here is Why.

Entering Ecuador (2018)

January 11, 2018

|Ecuaassist Team published on faceboo


Beginning February 6, 2018, migration control authorities will begin to require health insurance in order to enter Ecuador. Although there is no specific fine for not having health insurance, what is certain is that if the foreigner does not justify that they have health insurance, even having a temporary or permanent residence visa, they will be prohibited from entering Ecuador.


In the last few weeks, many doubts have been resolved on the topic of health insurance and extensions, which have been present since the Regulation of the Law of Human Mobility came into effect on August 10, 2017, and the Ministry of the Interior was given the responsibility of directing entry and exit policies. It was not until November 20, 2017 that Ministerial Agreement No. 551 was published, which established the specific guidelines to grant a 90-day visa extension, and to stay for this time in addition to the initial 90 days that a foreigner receives when they enter Ecuador. As such, new questions have arisen from our clients, which may apply to your case, and which we will share with you here:


1. - If I obtain a 90-day extension and I leave Ecuador, can I return?

Yes, the time of the extension permits the person multiple entries to Ecuador, as long as they do so within the time of the extension, taking into account that the extension expires on a specific day, and after that date the foreigner will not be able to enter Ecuador.


2. - What is the fine for not having health insurance?

While there is no specific fine, upon entry to the country it is the obligation of the foreigner, according to article 133 of the Regulation of the Organic Law of Human Mobility, to present their health insurance for the length of their stay in the country.


3. - What type of health insurance do I need to present?

Although there is not an exact description of the health insurance, the law says that the foreign tourist should have public or private health insurance that has coverage in Ecuador.

In the case of residents, the health insurance should include total coverage within Ecuadorian territory, and from experience in recent months, it should prove that the foreigner is covered in the case of accidents and in the case of any other medical necessity in Ecuador.


4. - How much does the extension cost in 2018?

The price of the extension is one third of the unified basic salary, which in 2018 is now $386.00, which means that in 2018 a 90-day extension, after an initial stay of 90 days in Ecuador, would be $128.67.


Comments on #4.  This is a very easy process and can be gotten the same day.  Do not let anyone tell you it takes more time than making the payments and presenting the document to the Migracion desk at the airport.

Here WE Go Again, Yet another change.

***So much for celebrating seems yet again a twist of the Rules is now in place.  Here we go to para-phrase.  If you received your Temporary Residential Visa after 10 August 2017 and have at least 1 year left on it you can apply for the Cedula.  Why this date and why those prior to this date will not be eligible as we found today when we went our to file 2 more applications is a total puzzle to me.

Finally cedulas for the New Temporary Visa Holders

Yesterday, we applied for our first 2 cedulas for the temporary residential visas.  Guess what, we have to go online to make the appointment.  The process went very smoothly once we were there and hopefully next Friday we will have cedulas for all 6 people we are filing this week.  These cedulas are only valid for the length of the temporary residential visa.  Proof of insurance is required for this process. 

The good news is for holders of these cedulas they are eligible to apply for the IESS insurance if they wish to.

***So much for celebrating seems yet again a twist of the Rules is now in place.  Here we go to para-phrase.  If you received your Temporary Residential Visa after 10 August 2017 and have at least 1 year left on it you can apply for the Cedula.  Why this date and why those prior to this date will not be eligible as we found today when we went our to file 2 more applications is a total puzzle to me.

Holiday Season coming up soon

We here at Visa Angels Ecuador want to wish you a Happy Holiday Season and let you know we will be enjoying family visits, some down time relaxing and also some Cruising. We will not be responding to any emails from 8 Dec 2017 until our return 26 Dec 2017.  All emails you send will be in our in box  so please do not fear that your questions have gone off into Internet space.

During the end of December, usually the last 2 weeks of the month offices are not often manned properly so appointments would be difficult if not impossible to get.  Remember, you must plan accordingly because if your Visa expires you will not be able to apply for any visa inside of Ecuador.

As a reminder, unless something major changes, there are no appointments for Azogues for 60 days so you would have to go to another Ministerio.  We have been going to Machala where we can usually get an appointment within the week, but it is becoming more difficult.  NO Ministerio will allow you to walk in.  An appointment is Mandatory.


REMEMBER to allow yourself as much time as possible when you arrive here.  Returning on what is left of a 90 day T3 visa usually means you will run out of time.



More Changes.

You no longer need to register your insurance at the Ministerio in advance, however Insurance is mandatory for all Visa Types and when you are needing either Visa or Cedula processes the proof of insurance will be required at that time.  The Ministerio has also issued an update which states they want Ecuadorian Insurance either IESS (with Cedula) or private insurance.  If you are planning to use an International one you MUST present it with the contract to an Ecuadorian Consulate or Embassy for them to certify that the policy meets the requirements for Ecuador.

Effective 1 Dec 2017, the Ecuadorian Consulate in Tumbes, Peru will no longer issue the 12-IX visa or the 180 day tourist extension which allows you to re-enter Ecuador legally.  If you are here illegally your only option is to return to your homeland and apply for a temporary residential visa at either an Ecuadorian Consulate or Embassy near you.

We are waiting to hear if you can once again purchase the additional 90 day visa within Ecuador.  We hope to know but keep in mind, this visa is only allowed if you are still legally here under your T3 free 90 day visa.  If your visa has expired, you cannot get the 2nd 90 day visa.

Hello Everyone. Welcome to our new Website

New things are happening every day.  Insurance is required for all residents with a Visa.  Since this was updated, you no longer need to present proof of Insurance at a Ministerio until you are needing Visa or Cedula Services.  So when you re-new your visa (CD), transfer a visa from the old passport to the new, or begin the process of applying for your Visa, you will have to provide proof of Insurance acceptable to Ecuador.  If in the USA, you must go to an Ecuadorian Consulate and have them certify the insurance you have is meeting all their requirements.  Easiest process is the purchase Ecuadorian insurance here as it will become part of your Visa application process.

Visa Angels has started going to Machala to file for visas because Azogues has no available appointments for 60 days.  It is more time and more money to get there but the PLUS is you will have your Visa in 2 weeks.  Yes, I said 2 weeks.

There are no 90 day Visas being issued at this time so plan accordingly.  Be ready to file for your residential visa when you arrive.  ***We are hoping this process has begun again but it is only if you still have time on your Original T3 90 day visa.  If you have overstayed your Visa, you can no longer go to Tumbes, Peru to get the 12-IX or 180 day visa to allow you to re-enter Ecuador legally.  You must return to your homeland and apply for the temporary residential visa at the closest Ecuadorian Embassy or Consulate.


We have begun as of today to submit the application for the Cedula for those with the new Temporary Visas.  We will contact you if we have gotten your visa for you.



Lots of things happening


Hello everyone.  I am sorry we have been so slow in getting things out here on our blog but I will try to get it out there since it is new and totally critical for your visa.

1st as most off you know, appointments are mandatory for all Visa transactions which include new visa, transfer of visa from old passport to new passport and renewing your cd.  The problem now in Azogues is the large amount of people coming from Venezuela, Colombia and Peru in addition to the continuing large amounts of North Americans and people coming from other countries to apply for their visa.  There is a shortage of appointments so to go to Azogues appointments are out into November and this is the beginning of September so this requires planning ahead.

Visa Angels can assist with these processes in Machala and Azogues as well.  We can provide transportation and our assistance.  The good and bad is going away from Cuenca means you must go back to the location you first filed at.  This is extremely important because with the CD visa it can only be renewed in the city you first applied.  You cannot transfer it back here to Cuenca.  The good is if you have a short time to get these processes done we can get appointments..  keep in mind it will become more difficult to get appointments in Machala and Guayaquil if everyone from Azogues goes to these other cities.

VERY IMPORTANTE as the rumors continue the facts are in.  If you have applied for visa processes with Visa Angels you have been required to submit proof of insurance at the time.  Now it is the law of Ecuador all foreigners MUST have health insurance and will be required to provide that proof to the Ministerio.  There will be no more self insuring.  If you do not provide the proof of insurance your visa will be cancelled.  If you got your visa 20 years ago or yesterday you must provide proof of insurance.  If you were enrolled in IESS you will be paying a new premium based on income.  For retirees the amount of income provided when you filed for your visa will be used.  The calculation is 17.6% of that income, for all things IESS you must speak with them in El Centro.  Diana Calle is the contact person and she speaks English and Spanish.  DO NOT LISTEN TO WELL MEANING PEOPLE, your coverage is at stake.  An interesting point the 17.6% OF INCOME HAS BEEN ON THE LAW BOOKS SINCE 2001.  THERE was no law to enforce it now there is.

The insurance validation will not begin in Azogues until November, the process is not set up yet so do not go out there until they are ready to validate into the computer system.  This is an Ecuadorian law and not an Azogues law, each office works under their directors instructions and Azogues is usually first to put these procedures into place but all of Ecuador will do the same thing sooner or later.

Regardless of your visa type going forward everyone will be required to provide income.  If you are getting a new visa, renewing a passport and transferring the visa from the old passport to the new, renewing a cd you must provide proof of income/savings that you are able to live here and support yourself in Ecuador.  It will be in the form of printed bank statements.  Again NO exceptions, no proof of income or insurance the Ministerio will not  accept your request.

Now you can see why it has taken so long.  Lots of new information to understand and apply to the visa process.  There is still more to come but for now, this is the must know part of your visa process.

We have gotten a few visas issued among all these changes and are waiting for lots more.