We are growing with clients and with Angels. We are so happy to have 3 “Angels” helping everyone.

Anne Morissette was a Visa Angels client along with her husband Paul 3 years ago and is now working to help other people become residents here in Ecuador .

Fernanda Guerrero is our next “Angel”, she is a local Ecuadorian who has also spent time in the US so she brings that bi-lingual assistance to those Spanish speaking people who need our help. We are getting many inquiries from couples with one person who is Ecuadorian so she is our go to.

Joann (Jodie) Mansfield is the 3rd “Angel”. Although some may not agree with the term Angel, she does get it done. She came to Ecuador to retire 5 years ago and after getting valuable help and suggestions became part of the Original 8 Visa Angels volunteers. Now, instead of being volunteers we actually work for Visa Angels.

As we continue to grow our clients from all over the World, we are always looking for that “special person” who can join us as a Visa Angel. If you are interested in finding out how you too can become an “Angel” please contact us here and we will be happy to speak with you.

We will be attaching a photo soon of us, so watch for that.

Jodie, Anne and Fernanda