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Visa Angels Ecuador was the winner of the GringoPost Best Visa Facilitator in 2017 and 2018 for a good reason. They work tirelessly to get you your visa. Yes, the rules will always change when you least expect them to, but the staff of Visa Angels looks at "problems", and new regulations as just another step in the process. They adjust, adapt, learn, and apply their knowledge to getting you your visa. Pretty simple, and the prices are incredibly reasonable. 

Jodie, Gio, and all the staff at Visa Angels make you feel like you are their only client, when in fact they may have 20-30 visas granted each month. I got mine the other day, and I'm thrilled to have it now, and so glad I used Visa Angels for this process of obtaining my visa.

They can be reached @ 096 896 2082
Edificio Maldini, Gaspar de Villarroel y Isabel La Católica, Cuenca, Ecuador

Address: Edificio Maldini, Gaspar de Villarroel y Isabel La Católica, Cuenca, Ecuador

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I recently received my temporary visa and my cedula. Several months before leaving the States, I contacted VisaAngels via email and solicited their advice concerning the type of visa that was best for me to apply for. They guided me every step of the way. They instructed me as to documents needed, how to order the documents and how to get them apostilled. Once in Cuenca, we met with VisaAngels to have them look over our documents and make sure everything was in order. They took care of the translations and notarizing. They did all the paperwork for my visa application and appointments. Jodie, of VisaAngels accompanied me to my appointments. She is well known and respected in Azogues. The people who work in the office in Azogues said they do not like visa attorneys because they are paid so much money to do work that does not require an attorney and the people actually issuing the visa are paid a fraction of what the visa attorneys make. Maybe things went so well for me because I did not use an attorney. Because my Spanish is so limited, it would have been very difficult to navigate the process myself.

Jodie is very knowledgeable about the different types of visas, she stays by your side every step of the way, she is ETHICAL, and does not “add on” fees as the process advances.

I must also say that Gio, who is also part of VisaAngels, is a fabulous resource. He is very knowledgeable about the visa process, and is from Cuenca. He can answer any questions you have about Cuenca and tell you where and how to get anything you need in Cuenca. Gio and Jodie have made my transition to life in Cuenca much easier and enjoyable.

Address: Edificio Maldini, Cuenca

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For three years before arriving in Cuenca, Ecuador I researched all the logistics needed to obtain a visa and cedula. I came across so many horror stories about not being helped adequately and paying too much. Also, many stories about people stumbling to do it themselves. I realized I must pay an exceptional service to help me. One service kept popping up... Visa Angels. I now have my Visa and cedula. Jodie Mansfield and her Angels helped me every step of the way without any problems. I was picked up by Jodie and at least one of her Angels and taken to the many appointments necessary to obtain a visa and cedula. We traveled to offices in Guayaquil, Azogues, and finally the cedula office in Cuenca. Getting your visa and cedula here is no easy task, and I always felt Jodie made things as smooth as possible. After all, Visa Angels was voted Best Visa Assistance on GringoPost for the past three years. Fees were very reasonable. Highly recommended.

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