It is about time to meet the Angels of Visa Angels

Good morning everyone, I hope life is treating you great. We have talked about Visa Angels off and on but no one really knows who we are. We wanted you to get to know our Angels

We have 2 native Ecuadorian Visa Angels, Fernanda and Jenny, We have 2 sisters from San Salvatore who have lived here over 15 years, Sara and Ali and I am proud to say I am an Ecuadorian by choice and in addition to the Angels who help people every day our support team is awesome. We have 3 Ecuadorian drivers, we have our incredible translator who is native Ecuadorian, we can and often do consult with Ecuadorian attorneys and we have our long time resident IT Tony who makes our lives easier every day.

Many people have said why use Visa Angels when you should use Ecuadorians? As you can see we are mostly made up of Ecuadorians and are proud of the relationships we have with the Ecuadorian/Cuenca community. Our belief us to give the best service possible to our clients, answer their questions and needs and get their visas for the least amount of money..

If you are looking for a hard working team look no further. Visa Angels of Ecuador is the group to work with you to get your visas.

We hope to publish a photo of our team soon but it is hard to get everyone in one spot so it may be several photos. Thank you for supporting us.

Time does fly doesn't it.

So it is now September and Visa Angels is busy, busy and super busy. We have added another “Angel” her name is Sara Carcamo and she is definitely an Angel for me. She has jumped right into our craziness and has taken lots of the burden off of me. She is sweet, smart and is totally bi-lingual so she is the perfect addition to our group. We are always looking for more “perfect Angels” but they are hard to come by.

Newest processes for getting your Permanent visa from the 21 month temporary visa is you must submit 12 months of bank statements and not just 3 months. Also for filing for the temporary visa, you must now submit 6 months of bank statements. This pertains to all types of visas, retiree, investor, professional and the rentista.

We are having several new situations with people coming for a week to check out Ecuador and not wanting to return to the USA so they are attempting to get their visas with our help. It is very costly and time consuming and it is almost guaranteed you will need to purchase a 90 day visa extension. If at all possible do NOT come without documents ready to file that means certified or notarized (depends on the state) and apostilled or legalized in Non Hague Nations.

Still no news on the return of Immigration to Cuenca. We will shout it out as soon as we know.

We are no longer making posts in Gringo Post as for some reason, they are not publishing our recommendations from our clients and if they do not offer a service (which they are not doing) we will not use them any longer. We are using Cuenca High Life so look for our ads there.

Watch for another update soon.

Things are changing faster than we can keep up with so forgive us for being "out of date"

AS of now which is mid June the requirements for getting the Permanent visa are pretty firm. You cannot file prior to completing the full 21 months. You can file during the final 90 days of your visa up to and including 30 days prior to the expiration. WE do not recommend waiting that long but in one case the person was not able to register for the Antecedentes Penales Report which is Mandatory until the final month and the application was submitted and the visa was issued. In addition the Ministerio is not requiring FBI or State criminal reports if you are applying for the same type visa that you had as your temporary visa.

If things change before we are able to update this information we apologize. Please contact us at and we will give you the most current updates we have.

As for the Special Exception Investment Visa which allows you to be gone longer than the 90 days per year, it appears there is much confusion and the last information we received was that visa is on hold and will most likely not be offered.

The Ministerio is moving its Immigration offices back to Cuenca but there is no firm date. We have been told anytime between the next month up until January 2020. There is no firm location as yet either.

Getting Information on the newest Investor Visa

We are getting information regarding this newest visa which allows you to obtain a temporary residential investors visa, renew it as many times as you like and not be governed by the laws of staying out of Ecuador for no more than 90 days. As soon as we have the legitimate details of this visa and who can apply for it we shall give the full details here.

Yes, we have more updates

We have begun filing the new applications from temporary to Permanent visa status and depending on what type of visa you have and what type you plan to apply for will change the requirements. The best information we can share is to contact us and we can give actual answers. Some people will need new documents and some will not so let us be Absolutely sure the information you get it current so please send us an inquiry.

Also very, very important. For those of you who might have had Belgenica and have never obtained new health insurance, You are required to present current certificates of coverage from your current insurance provider. They will not accept your applications so be sure you have an Ecuadorian approved Health insurance coverage before thinking of applying for your Permanent Residency visas.

Thinking of changing Visa Types from Dependent to Independent??

We are getting several inquiries about dependents getting their own Visas. So, if you are considering this you will be starting from scratch with a 2 year temporary visa (only real difference is time out of Ecuador maximum of 90 days per year in year 1 and 2.) You will need your own source of visa ie: social security letter with $800.00 or more deposited into the bank for lifetime, CD in the amount of $39,400.00 or professional decree of 4 years or more and lastly a Rentista visa which allows you to use employment dollars, trust dollars, rental income etc which are not for life but MUST have a paper trail so employer letter stating you earn Blank amount of dollars and will be employed for a period of 2 years or longer, Sale of house, requires copy of Settlement agreement, etc.

You will also need a new FBI report and a new Statewide criminal report from the state you resided in prior to coming to Ecuador unless you have NOT returned to your native country during the time you have been a resident here. You will also be required to provide the Ecuadorian Police Report.

If you think this might be something you wish to do please contact us and we can assist with this process.

Requirements for changing from Temporary 2 Year visa to Permanent Resident

There has been a new update which states if you were in your native country during the entire 2 years for less than 21 days you will not need a new FBI or State wide criminal report.

I spoke with the Ministerio regarding all those who got their 2 year temporary visas in 2017, this is the year you can file for your permanent visas. You will be required to present a new and apostilled FBI (or National) report and a new State report. The application must be filed no later than 90 days before the expiration of your 730 days so pay attention to your dates and start getting those new Reports.

If you have questions please contact us at

We have completed our first week in 2019

We have been told by the Ministerio that other than the increase in the CD to $39,400.00 there are no other changes to the visas. We have our fingers crossed because they seem to have a way of shocking at when we least suspect it.

Another change in Ecuador was the increase in gasoline prices, which was quite steep and everyone is adjusting their fees so unfortunately our round trip from Cuenca to Azogues will increase from $35.00 round trip to $40.00 round trip. This is unavoidable so please understand. This increase will go into effect 14 January 2019.

We have already received a new visa this week and have been working on some of the remaining visas we hope to get issued in the near future that were started in November and December 2018.

On a side note, the exam for Naturalization has totally changed and once your application packet has been accepted they email you the study materials. If is not as easy as the old exam so it will require lots of studying and memorizing of about 26 pages of information. Good Luck to those considering this major move.

Happy New Year's Eve and Hello 2019

We are wishing everyone a very Happy 2019 and our secret wishes for the New Year is Less changes in the Visa process. So many changes and now with 2019 upon us those who received their 2 year temporary visas will begin the process of getting their new permanent resident visa. We have appointments during the first week of the year so will try to see what the new laws are regarding that (that is if anyone knows yet). You must file for the permanent visa 90 days before the 730 days expires so everyone get our your calendars and find out when that day is. This visa is not permitted to expire so do not procrastinate or you might be leaving.

We have heard ‘RUMORS’ we do not follow rumors but this one might be really good for Cuenca or really rotten for everyone coming to get their visas. We have heard the Antecedentes Penales report might have to be processed in Quito only and we have heard they may begin to start doing them in Cuenca. Again, only rumors for now but either will be a major change. As soon as we communicate with the Ministerio de Interior we will post that information.

As a reminder for now, if you are renewing your CD for your visa, your original amount is still what you will renew it at. For those applying for a new CD visa the current amount as of today 31 December 2018 is $38,600.00 for the primary visa holder and an additional $500.00 for each dependent. This amount is likely to change tomorrow so again check back to see what is needed in the way of money. We have not received new information on the property Investment visas but expect they went up as well.

For clarity, our fees for each Visa are $250.00 and for children under the age of 18 $100.00 per visa. What this covers is email communication, reviewing scanned documents, setting up appointments and getting your documents to and from the translator/notary. Preparing your visa file and It also covers the trip out to file the visa application and the trip to receive your visa. (not the transportation) but our assistance.

This is the normal process, however if we have made a mistake we will again accompany you out to Azogues to assist with what the Ministerio needs. If however, there are documents missing, mistakes with not presenting what is required or they require something else and we must accompany you this is at a charge of $15.00 per hour. Trips to SENESCYT, the Ministerio de Interior for Movimento Migratorio documents or for Extensions to your tourist visas are not part of the Residential Visa process so will be at $15.00 per hour. Also, if you would like Visa Angels to assist you with getting your Cedula that is also at $15.00 per hour. This would include makiing the appointments, preparing the application for cedula and accompanying you to the registro civil.

We still offer the lowest prices for getting your visas and will continue to do so in the future. Thank you to the many clients who have become dear friends and we are looking forward to all of you planning to arrive in 2019 to begin this Expat Adventure.

Happy Holidays from Jodie., Nick, Gio and Marines

Here is the news everyone has been waiting for. CD VISAS

We received an email from the Ministerio today regarding the personal CD investment visas. They are available again, but the new amount for the CD is $38,600.00 which is up from $27,020.00 Anyone wishing to come to Ecuador on the Investor Visa be prepared to have $38,600.00 for the primary and an additional $500.00 per dependent.

Any questions please contact us so we can make the process smooth for you….

Thank you all and Feliz Navidad to all our clients here in Ecuador, new Residents and those coming from outside Ecuador. Have a Wonderful Holiday and we shall see you in 2019.

Jodie and Nick

Wow, what a few months

Hello everyone. It is hard to keep up with all the changes and jumping through the hoops to get that visa.

The trips to Guayaquil to register for the Antecedentes Penales are getting totally crazy. I went 2 weeks ago so I could share the “experience” with everyone. I must have been crazy. We had to leave Cuenca at 10pm and arrived at the Police station at 0230. There were already 20 people in line and it continued throughout the night. No place to sit except on the curb or on the sidewalk. Brought my poncho and slept on the sidewalk like a homeless person along with everyone else. Luckily it did not rain. By the time it was 0730 everyone was in line. They took the 1st 27 people which my guys were part of. I had 3 registering for the Report. We finally finished at 1230 and they were seen. There were way over 50 people in line and guess what the magic number is 50 so the rest about 15 or 20 were told to come back the next day but to get there earlier. So sadly plan to waste lots of time waiting to register for this requirement.

OK, Finally we have some good news in several places. Nick is now working with Visa Angels and emailing to lots of clients. What a help and so happy to have him. I helped his Mom get her residential visa about 3 years ago and now after graduating college he is planning to live here in Cuenca so he fits in Perfectly.

Next great piece of news. Spouses can once again apply as a dependent under their husbands and/or wives. It has been a long time coming since June 2018 so for anyone wanting to come, even though we always recommend having your own visa, you can once again apply at the same time and receive your dependent visa.

On a very personal note. I am so excited to announce that I am now an Ecuadorian Citizen. This has been my goal since arriving here. So proud and happy to have my new Ecuadoriana Cedula and will be getting my new Ecuadorian Passport next week.

I promise to post more updates and keep everyone posted on what is new and different here in Ecuador. It is Cuenca Independence Days so I will be enjoying the Grand Feria along the river in Cuenca.

Visa Angels is announcing many changes some with happiness and some with sadness

Let me start with the good news.  Visa Angels has joined forces with Ecuador Moves to be a "one stop shopping for Visas and shipping of containers from outside of Ecuador to Ecuador.  We have recommended each other for years but never worked under one location.  We have joint office spaces at Edificio Maldini, Gaspar de Villarroel y Isabel la Catolica.  We are so excited to have our own office space so clients who have worked with Visa Angels in the past remember we had  to meet at Mall del Rio infront of Subway which is no longer there in "my office". 

Changes in containers and Visa laws have driven us crazy but we hope we are getting this sorted out.  Speaking for visas, there are some changes that have caused obstacles to us being able to file visa applications the first time.  As mentioned before Ecuador will still not accept Amparo dependent visa applications for spouses.  Each adult must have their own Visas.  Children are of course permitted to be dependents of their parents.  In addition the Antecedentes Penales which is the Ecuadorian Police report is now MANDATORY for all new visa applications.  (If you already submitted your application in Azogues, this change does not affect you.)  This is for people who will be arriving into Ecuador or who are here waiting for their Visa appointments.  The only 2 ( two ) places that can take the registration is in Quito or Guayaquil so for those due to arrive, you will have to overnight so you can go to the proper offices to be photographed, fingerprinted and interviewed before they will accept your passport information to be entered into the Ministry of the Interiors data bases.  If you are already here with an appointment date you must go to one of these cities to register for this report.  The report is free of charge as is the process but getting to the proper location requires Traveling  there, hiring an interpreter and spending several hours waiting.  If you choose to not comply the visa application will be rejected on the spot and you either make another appointment with that printed report,  or plan to leave Ecuador.  This is very stressful for us as it just happened one day that Cuenca would no longer be able to take the registration.

Now,  believe it or not that was the good news.  Now for the sad news we are sharing with you today.

Sad but Necessary News

 I wanted to let you know that due to all the extra pieces to the visa process, our volunteers have dwindled away over the past several months so I was faced with the decision of re-thinking what we have been doing with the volunteers and how to go forward without them.  All of the expenses to operate fall solely onto visaangels so my choice was to stop Visa Angels or to begin to actually charge a set fee which will allow me to cover expenses and my time.  After 2 months of tearing both options apart, I have come to the conclusion that I must continue to keep Visa Angels running if at all possible so I have moved to a flat charge for Visa Angels assistance with the visa process.  The fee will include all emails, reviewing of the scanned documents, receiving the documents to present to the translator, making all the required copies, preparing the application for submission and my time going to and from Azogues. It also includes making all the appointments via the internet and keeping you up to date of new or existing requirements.


What is not covered and never was paid to Visa Angels is the cost of the translations still $34.00, per document,  the cost of the movimento migratorio document $5.60, photos if required 8 for $4.00 and the cost of transportation to and from Azogues from Cuenca.  Round trip is $35.00 and additional waiting hours are $10.00 for the driver.  You must also pay the govenment fees for the Visa which has always been required and no one can pay that except the applicant.  Assistance with obtaining the cedula is a separate process and will be handled by me at $15.00 an hour at the registro civil.


The fee I have come to is $250.00 per visa for adults (over the age of 18)      children under the age of 18, will be  $100.00 per visa.  This is very hard for me because we were always able to cover all the costs with volunteers and people who donated to visa angels but that is no longer the facts.  If you would still like Visa Angels to get your visa I would be happy to do so.  Based on everyone else in the area offering assistance with visas, the next lowest fee is $600 per visa.  


We have a Paypal account where people can deposit the money so we can begin the process.  If after beginning the process anyone decides to not continue to use Visa Angels $50.00 of the $250.00 fee will be retained.  It is our hopes to "hire" people to work for Visa Angels and part of these fees will go towards that.


I hope everyone who knows Visa Angels knows how hard of a change this is to swallow for us.  I believe so much in what we do but in all honesty I cannot afford to subsidize everyone's visa costs as I have done the last 6 months.  It is with a very heavy heart that I announce these changes and hope you will still put your faith in Visa Angels.  If there are any potential volunteers or even those who don't want to volunteer but could donate money or supplies to us this might not need to happen.

Thank you for understanding.  

Joann (Jodie) Mansfield

Visa Angels




Our newest Resident

Here is a photo of the latest client Visa Angels helped to make their dreams come true.  Robert Sherman is a Well Known Artist who hopes to open his Gallery here in Cuenca.  He promises us that he has a story about this fight for his visa and cedula that he will be sharing soon but we wanted to Share his Happy day with you all.  


And So It Begins

This morning Visa Angels received an inquiry about being fined.  It seems this person just left Ecuador within a day or two before today and was told they had overstayed their Visa by 1 (ONE) day and they were given a fine of $772.00.

The talk has been going around forever but now it is happening.  YOU must not overstay your visas by even one day because they are fining you as you leave Ecuador.  If you do not pay the fine you will not be allowed to return to Ecuador.

As a reminder you enter Ecuador on a T3 visa which is for 90 days.  The day you enter counts and the day you leave counts so if you go in and out 10 times during that 90 days the days inside Ecuador count even if you enter at 1201 am or 2359.  Pay attention to your time in Ecuador because like this person, when you leave the excuse I did not know I had overstayed by 1 day means nothing.  It is your responsibility to keep yourself legal.




Hello everyone, I do not quite know how to explain this but we were in Azogues to file a CD investment visa with a dependent.  The application for the cd went well and we were proceeding with the dependent when they told us they needed the marriage document so we produced it but the said OH, this marriage document is Not registered in the Country of Ecuador.  We cannot accept it.  Oh, and no one in Ecuador is registering those marriage documents so we can no longer accept dependent spouse applications.

We are speaking with an attorney this evening to see what legal route we can use to go forward.  Visa Angels has always recommended each person apply for their own visa but now it appears there is no option except to do that.  People can apply for retiree, professional, Investment and even a visa which allows you to use Rental income, stocks and investments or income from working.  You must be prepared to do separate Visas for now.  As soon as we have a Legal answer we will let you know.




Updates coming soon

Hello everyone it is almost April and we are still very busy responding to all the inquiries for Visa applications.  The Ministerio is becoming very attention to detail oriented so we are having to make last minute changes.  The newest mandatory requirement is when you go to get your Movimento Migratorio report for your Visa Application you must also take a copy of your passport ID page and a copy of your last entry stamp into Ecuador and ask the Migracion office in Cuenca or whichever office you go to, to register you for the Ecuadorian Police Report.  It is called Antecedents Penale.  You must prove in addition to your FBI (National) and state reports that you are an honorable and upstanding citizen here in Ecuador.

We are now getting appointments in Azogues in about 1 month so that helps quite a bit.

For those people who have let their T3 initial 90 day entry visa expire you are too late to use your "get out of jail card for free".  As of the first week in April you will be paying the fine for violating the Visa laws.  You must file for your extension of 90 days before your current T3 expires.

We will be checking for more updates from the Ministerio, but this is what is current for now.


Exciting NEWS. Watch for us to announce some exciting news in the Near Future

Visa Angels is moving right along and getting lots of referrals from our Happy Visa Clients and many more requests from our Web page request for assistance. 

We will be making a major announcement which we think will benefit us as well as all of our Clients.  Also, watch in the future (not sure how soon) but we will also have a Facebook page for Visa Angels.


Thank you all for your support.

A bit of an update

WE at Visa Angels are working with Insurance Brokers to be sure our clients get the best plans at the best prices with only Legal companies authorized to sell Health Insurance inside Ecuador.  We will update everyone when we have had the meeting on 1 March 2018.  We feel very positive about what we will be hearing so please have a bit more patience and we will get this right.


Necessary but not Happy News:

Visa Angels has been working with our same people for over 2 years now and we just realized that our rates are still those of 2 years ago.  Ecuador has raised its minimum rates, social security in the USA has given those a raise, and we find with all the extra requirements, documents, trips and processes we too must raise the rate to assist with the application process.

As always, all advise, email contacts and reviewing documents is at no cost to our clients.  The raise will be in the cost of the transportation and for my (Jodie's)  personal assistance in accompanying you for your visa application.  My hourly rate will be $15.00 per hour increasing from $10.00 an hour and the trip to Azogues from Cuenca will be $17.50 instead of $15.00 one way or from $30.00 to $35.00 round trip.   For trips to Machala the round trip has been $150.00 it will increase to $160.00 round trip.  These services include the driver staying with us the entire time not dropping off.  If the wait time in Machala exceeds 1 hour after the appointment time, the driver will get $10.00 an hour.  We will put these new prices into place 1 March 2018.  As always, I will provide a factura for you showing what Jodie has charged.