Wow, what a few months

Hello everyone. It is hard to keep up with all the changes and jumping through the hoops to get that visa.

The trips to Guayaquil to register for the Antecedentes Penales are getting totally crazy. I went 2 weeks ago so I could share the “experience” with everyone. I must have been crazy. We had to leave Cuenca at 10pm and arrived at the Police station at 0230. There were already 20 people in line and it continued throughout the night. No place to sit except on the curb or on the sidewalk. Brought my poncho and slept on the sidewalk like a homeless person along with everyone else. Luckily it did not rain. By the time it was 0730 everyone was in line. They took the 1st 27 people which my guys were part of. I had 3 registering for the Report. We finally finished at 1230 and they were seen. There were way over 50 people in line and guess what the magic number is 50 so the rest about 15 or 20 were told to come back the next day but to get there earlier. So sadly plan to waste lots of time waiting to register for this requirement.

OK, Finally we have some good news in several places. Nick is now working with Visa Angels and emailing to lots of clients. What a help and so happy to have him. I helped his Mom get her residential visa about 3 years ago and now after graduating college he is planning to live here in Cuenca so he fits in Perfectly.

Next great piece of news. Spouses can once again apply as a dependent under their husbands and/or wives. It has been a long time coming since June 2018 so for anyone wanting to come, even though we always recommend having your own visa, you can once again apply at the same time and receive your dependent visa.

On a very personal note. I am so excited to announce that I am now an Ecuadorian Citizen. This has been my goal since arriving here. So proud and happy to have my new Ecuadoriana Cedula and will be getting my new Ecuadorian Passport next week.

I promise to post more updates and keep everyone posted on what is new and different here in Ecuador. It is Cuenca Independence Days so I will be enjoying the Grand Feria along the river in Cuenca.