Happy New Year's Eve and Hello 2019

We are wishing everyone a very Happy 2019 and our secret wishes for the New Year is Less changes in the Visa process. So many changes and now with 2019 upon us those who received their 2 year temporary visas will begin the process of getting their new permanent resident visa. We have appointments during the first week of the year so will try to see what the new laws are regarding that (that is if anyone knows yet). You must file for the permanent visa 90 days before the 730 days expires so everyone get our your calendars and find out when that day is. This visa is not permitted to expire so do not procrastinate or you might be leaving.

We have heard ‘RUMORS’ we do not follow rumors but this one might be really good for Cuenca or really rotten for everyone coming to get their visas. We have heard the Antecedentes Penales report might have to be processed in Quito only and we have heard they may begin to start doing them in Cuenca. Again, only rumors for now but either will be a major change. As soon as we communicate with the Ministerio de Interior we will post that information.

As a reminder for now, if you are renewing your CD for your visa, your original amount is still what you will renew it at. For those applying for a new CD visa the current amount as of today 31 December 2018 is $38,600.00 for the primary visa holder and an additional $500.00 for each dependent. This amount is likely to change tomorrow so again check back to see what is needed in the way of money. We have not received new information on the property Investment visas but expect they went up as well.

For clarity, our fees for each Visa are $250.00 and for children under the age of 18 $100.00 per visa. What this covers is email communication, reviewing scanned documents, setting up appointments and getting your documents to and from the translator/notary. Preparing your visa file and It also covers the trip out to file the visa application and the trip to receive your visa. (not the transportation) but our assistance.

This is the normal process, however if we have made a mistake we will again accompany you out to Azogues to assist with what the Ministerio needs. If however, there are documents missing, mistakes with not presenting what is required or they require something else and we must accompany you this is at a charge of $15.00 per hour. Trips to SENESCYT, the Ministerio de Interior for Movimento Migratorio documents or for Extensions to your tourist visas are not part of the Residential Visa process so will be at $15.00 per hour. Also, if you would like Visa Angels to assist you with getting your Cedula that is also at $15.00 per hour. This would include makiing the appointments, preparing the application for cedula and accompanying you to the registro civil.

We still offer the lowest prices for getting your visas and will continue to do so in the future. Thank you to the many clients who have become dear friends and we are looking forward to all of you planning to arrive in 2019 to begin this Expat Adventure.

Happy Holidays from Jodie., Nick, Gio and Marines