Time does fly doesn't it.

So it is now September and Visa Angels is busy, busy and super busy. We have added another “Angel” her name is Sara Carcamo and she is definitely an Angel for me. She has jumped right into our craziness and has taken lots of the burden off of me. She is sweet, smart and is totally bi-lingual so she is the perfect addition to our group. We are always looking for more “perfect Angels” but they are hard to come by.

Newest processes for getting your Permanent visa from the 21 month temporary visa is you must submit 12 months of bank statements and not just 3 months. Also for filing for the temporary visa, you must now submit 6 months of bank statements. This pertains to all types of visas, retiree, investor, professional and the rentista.

We are having several new situations with people coming for a week to check out Ecuador and not wanting to return to the USA so they are attempting to get their visas with our help. It is very costly and time consuming and it is almost guaranteed you will need to purchase a 90 day visa extension. If at all possible do NOT come without documents ready to file that means certified or notarized (depends on the state) and apostilled or legalized in Non Hague Nations.

Still no news on the return of Immigration to Cuenca. We will shout it out as soon as we know.

We are no longer making posts in Gringo Post as for some reason, they are not publishing our recommendations from our clients and if they do not offer a service (which they are not doing) we will not use them any longer. We are using Cuenca High Life so look for our ads there.

Watch for another update soon.