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New things are happening every day.  Insurance is required for all residents with a Visa.  Since this was updated, you no longer need to present proof of Insurance at a Ministerio until you are needing Visa or Cedula Services.  So when you re-new your visa (CD), transfer a visa from the old passport to the new, or begin the process of applying for your Visa, you will have to provide proof of Insurance acceptable to Ecuador.  If in the USA, you must go to an Ecuadorian Consulate and have them certify the insurance you have is meeting all their requirements.  Easiest process is the purchase Ecuadorian insurance here as it will become part of your Visa application process.

Visa Angels has started going to Machala to file for visas because Azogues has no available appointments for 60 days.  It is more time and more money to get there but the PLUS is you will have your Visa in 2 weeks.  Yes, I said 2 weeks.

There are no 90 day Visas being issued at this time so plan accordingly.  Be ready to file for your residential visa when you arrive.  ***We are hoping this process has begun again but it is only if you still have time on your Original T3 90 day visa.  If you have overstayed your Visa, you can no longer go to Tumbes, Peru to get the 12-IX or 180 day visa to allow you to re-enter Ecuador legally.  You must return to your homeland and apply for the temporary residential visa at the closest Ecuadorian Embassy or Consulate.


We have begun as of today to submit the application for the Cedula for those with the new Temporary Visas.  We will contact you if we have gotten your visa for you.