More Changes.

You no longer need to register your insurance at the Ministerio in advance, however Insurance is mandatory for all Visa Types and when you are needing either Visa or Cedula processes the proof of insurance will be required at that time.  The Ministerio has also issued an update which states they want Ecuadorian Insurance either IESS (with Cedula) or private insurance.  If you are planning to use an International one you MUST present it with the contract to an Ecuadorian Consulate or Embassy for them to certify that the policy meets the requirements for Ecuador.

Effective 1 Dec 2017, the Ecuadorian Consulate in Tumbes, Peru will no longer issue the 12-IX visa or the 180 day tourist extension which allows you to re-enter Ecuador legally.  If you are here illegally your only option is to return to your homeland and apply for a temporary residential visa at either an Ecuadorian Consulate or Embassy near you.

We are waiting to hear if you can once again purchase the additional 90 day visa within Ecuador.  We hope to know but keep in mind, this visa is only allowed if you are still legally here under your T3 free 90 day visa.  If your visa has expired, you cannot get the 2nd 90 day visa.