Holiday Season coming up soon

We here at Visa Angels Ecuador want to wish you a Happy Holiday Season and let you know we will be enjoying family visits, some down time relaxing and also some Cruising. We will not be responding to any emails from 8 Dec 2017 until our return 26 Dec 2017.  All emails you send will be in our in box  so please do not fear that your questions have gone off into Internet space.

During the end of December, usually the last 2 weeks of the month offices are not often manned properly so appointments would be difficult if not impossible to get.  Remember, you must plan accordingly because if your Visa expires you will not be able to apply for any visa inside of Ecuador.

As a reminder, unless something major changes, there are no appointments for Azogues for 60 days so you would have to go to another Ministerio.  We have been going to Machala where we can usually get an appointment within the week, but it is becoming more difficult.  NO Ministerio will allow you to walk in.  An appointment is Mandatory.


REMEMBER to allow yourself as much time as possible when you arrive here.  Returning on what is left of a 90 day T3 visa usually means you will run out of time.