Finally cedulas for the New Temporary Visa Holders

Yesterday, we applied for our first 2 cedulas for the temporary residential visas.  Guess what, we have to go online to make the appointment.  The process went very smoothly once we were there and hopefully next Friday we will have cedulas for all 6 people we are filing this week.  These cedulas are only valid for the length of the temporary residential visa.  Proof of insurance is required for this process. 

The good news is for holders of these cedulas they are eligible to apply for the IESS insurance if they wish to.

***So much for celebrating seems yet again a twist of the Rules is now in place.  Here we go to para-phrase.  If you received your Temporary Residential Visa after 10 August 2017 and have at least 1 year left on it you can apply for the Cedula.  Why this date and why those prior to this date will not be eligible as we found today when we went our to file 2 more applications is a total puzzle to me.