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Recommendation for Visa Angels, visa facilitator

Visa Angels' Jodie, Gio and the rest of the team went beyond the proverbial extra mile helping my husband and me through the process of getting his temporary residential visa and my extended tourist visa. My husband’s visa was pretty straightforward. Then came my turn.

Caught in a maelstrom of expired documents, changing laws, slow processing and other complications Jodie thought we might have to fly to Miami to enter my documents through the Ecuadorian consul’s online document portal stateside. Being technologically challenged, this idea rattled me. Big time. So, instead, Jodie spent many unseen hours getting my documents into the Consul in Peru so I could apply for my extended tourist visa without the time, expense and stress of flying to Miami. Jodie persuaded the people in the Ecuadorian Consul Peru to extend my tourist visa even after they quit issuing them. 

Next, Jodie couldn’t get the Consul in Peru to accept my payment online. Instead, Gio skipped an important Sunday with his family, drove to Tumbes and paid $50 for my extended Tourist Visa application fee.  Done! Then, the next week we were finally off to Peru. Jodie and Gio waited with us for seven hours in Tumbes hoping to get the visa signed by the Ecuadorian Consul's Administrator. Driving back, late night from two exhausting days in Tumbes, we encountered dense fog.  While I white knuckled it Gio got us safely back to Cuenca.

Visa Angels’ staff are profoundly ethical. Their fees are very fair...worth every penny and more. The good people of Visa Angels went above and beyond doing whatever it took to get the job done for us to our great relief. Did I cry when that little stamp finally stuck to my passport making me legal again? Of course!  Thank you Jodie, Gio and gang. We can’t recommend you highly enough.

Katharine Bowers and Daniel Duggin

Address: Edifico Maldini, Cuenca

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