Very important update for those looking to get a visa using a CD

Hello again, it seems like everything time we go to Azogues there is a new twist.  Because the Ministerio of Labor increased the amount of the minimum monthly income to $386.00 that also increased the amount needed to set up a CD for the basis of the Visa Inversonista.  The formulario is 70 times that new monthly rate so the minimum CD must now be $27020.00 and an additional $500.00 for each dependent.  The CD must be issued for a minimum of 2 years to cover the time of the Visa.


There is also an increase in the amount of property value if deciding to use that for your visa basis but we must verify that when we are next in Azogues.  Please keep checking.  Property is much more difficult to use as a basis for a visa so we do not have that information readily available.