Updates coming soon

Hello everyone it is almost April and we are still very busy responding to all the inquiries for Visa applications.  The Ministerio is becoming very attention to detail oriented so we are having to make last minute changes.  The newest mandatory requirement is when you go to get your Movimento Migratorio report for your Visa Application you must also take a copy of your passport ID page and a copy of your last entry stamp into Ecuador and ask the Migracion office in Cuenca or whichever office you go to, to register you for the Ecuadorian Police Report.  It is called Antecedents Penale.  You must prove in addition to your FBI (National) and state reports that you are an honorable and upstanding citizen here in Ecuador.

We are now getting appointments in Azogues in about 1 month so that helps quite a bit.

For those people who have let their T3 initial 90 day entry visa expire you are too late to use your "get out of jail card for free".  As of the first week in April you will be paying the fine for violating the Visa laws.  You must file for your extension of 90 days before your current T3 expires.

We will be checking for more updates from the Ministerio, but this is what is current for now.