Hello everyone, I do not quite know how to explain this but we were in Azogues to file a CD investment visa with a dependent.  The application for the cd went well and we were proceeding with the dependent when they told us they needed the marriage document so we produced it but the said OH, this marriage document is Not registered in the Country of Ecuador.  We cannot accept it.  Oh, and no one in Ecuador is registering those marriage documents so we can no longer accept dependent spouse applications.

We are speaking with an attorney this evening to see what legal route we can use to go forward.  Visa Angels has always recommended each person apply for their own visa but now it appears there is no option except to do that.  People can apply for retiree, professional, Investment and even a visa which allows you to use Rental income, stocks and investments or income from working.  You must be prepared to do separate Visas for now.  As soon as we have a Legal answer we will let you know.