And So It Begins

This morning Visa Angels received an inquiry about being fined.  It seems this person just left Ecuador within a day or two before today and was told they had overstayed their Visa by 1 (ONE) day and they were given a fine of $772.00.

The talk has been going around forever but now it is happening.  YOU must not overstay your visas by even one day because they are fining you as you leave Ecuador.  If you do not pay the fine you will not be allowed to return to Ecuador.

As a reminder you enter Ecuador on a T3 visa which is for 90 days.  The day you enter counts and the day you leave counts so if you go in and out 10 times during that 90 days the days inside Ecuador count even if you enter at 1201 am or 2359.  Pay attention to your time in Ecuador because like this person, when you leave the excuse I did not know I had overstayed by 1 day means nothing.  It is your responsibility to keep yourself legal.