Thinking of changing Visa Types from Dependent to Independent??

We are getting several inquiries about dependents getting their own Visas. So, if you are considering this you will be starting from scratch with a 2 year temporary visa (only real difference is time out of Ecuador maximum of 90 days per year in year 1 and 2.) You will need your own source of visa ie: social security letter with $800.00 or more deposited into the bank for lifetime, CD in the amount of $39,400.00 or professional decree of 4 years or more and lastly a Rentista visa which allows you to use employment dollars, trust dollars, rental income etc which are not for life but MUST have a paper trail so employer letter stating you earn Blank amount of dollars and will be employed for a period of 2 years or longer, Sale of house, requires copy of Settlement agreement, etc.

You will also need a new FBI report and a new Statewide criminal report from the state you resided in prior to coming to Ecuador unless you have NOT returned to your native country during the time you have been a resident here. You will also be required to provide the Ecuadorian Police Report.

If you think this might be something you wish to do please contact us and we can assist with this process.